Naturopathic Consultation


As a naturopath, my mission is to guide you towards overall well-being, to restore your vitality and energy in a sustainable manner, and to optimize your health by focusing on physical and emotional balance. It is important to address not only your symptoms but your entire being, taking into account your habits, daily life, and lifestyle.

A naturopathic follow-up means that we will address your health using natural means, practical advice, but also, and above all, through a comprehensive approach involving the physical, energetic, psychological, and sociocultural aspects. I will seek to reharmonize and reinvigorate your body’s self-healing abilities, so that you can regain optimal lifestyle habits and a healthier way of living, more in line with your true self. I want to help you rediscover that ‘FEEL GOOD’ sensation so that you can regain confidence in yourself and your body. Reestablish a dialogue with it, learn to listen to it, respect it, and honor its needs.

Naturopath: Natural Medicine for Holistic Health

I will accompany you to:

  • Learn how to eat more healthily.
  • Help you overcome an eating disorder.
  • Assist you in creating lasting well-being rituals and habits.
  • Regulate your weight.
  • Eliminate food phobias and obsessions.
  • Boost the organs responsible for natural detox.
  • Regain intestinal comfort and good digestion.
  • Improve your immunity, strengthening your defenses against environmental aggressors.
  • Better manage skin or hair issues (acne, allergies, sensitive/irritated skin, hair loss, irritated scalp).
  • Work on managing occasional stress or chronic tension.
  • Enhance the quality of your sleep (transient fatigue or chronic insomnia).

Two consultation formats are available: 
– individual appointments without commitment
– naturopathic follow-up

As part of the follow-up, the first consultation is an in-person meeting and is not paid for. It’s a discovery, an initial contact where we will get to know each other and discuss your needs. At the end of this meeting, I will make a recommendation for the most suitable follow-up program, and we will together establish the frequency of our appointments.

The follow-up will last for 3 months. The first month will focus on what is called an ‘attack’ phase, the second on revitalizing your body, and the third month will involve working on the stabilization and maintenance of your health and vitality.

I recommend 3 appointments in the first month, then 1 to 2 in the following months. We can also add video consultations if you feel the desire and need for them, whether it’s for motivation or to make adjustments.

Naturopathy contributes to the promotion of overall and sustainable health, but it does not replace conventional medicine. It complements and works in perfect synergy with all other healthcare, medical, and paramedical practices.

I consult in two offices in Paris and conduct my consultations in French, English, or Spanish.

Also, consider consulting your health insurance to find out the coverage for consultations of alternative and holistic medicines, if applicable.

Natural and Balanced Medicine for a Healthy Life