… With Charly


I am here to accompany you in your desire to live to your full potential! It’s you who replace the ellipsis with what matters most to you, and we start from there!

What will yours be?

I am your wellness coach, your guide. You have my support and my full attention. I focus on what’s important to you—the areas where you need concrete actions and a real ‘push,’ as well as other aspects of your life where we need to mend, unblock, or change perspectives. I’m here to help you shed what weighs you down, holds you back, and prevents you from moving forward. I’m here to release stagnation, restore your confidence, awaken your potential, and then hand you back your keys!

Wellness Coach: Professional Support for a Balanced Life
Wellness Guide to Achieve Your Health and Happiness Goals
Enhance Your Well-being with the Guidance of a Professional Coach


I want to lead you towards new habits, a new energy.
When you are in harmony with yourself, it becomes so simple to make the right choices, to surround yourself with the right people. Once you feel free, everything becomes more natural. Everything falls into place.

Health and wellness coach: Personal Coaching for Continuous Growth and Fulfillment

My mission will be to help you rediscover that stimulating flow. To lift you up. For that, I will lead you out of your comfort zone. We are all creatures of routine, and disrupting our habits is often disorienting. So, there will be sessions that will be challenging and shake things up a bit. I’ll ask some tough questions at times. Yes… not so easy!

Rest assured, nothing insurmountable in all of this! We all have reasons, pains, traumas. All of that makes us unique, incredibly touching.

I show you how to use the emotions that come, without being overwhelmed and controlled by them. On the contrary, how they can be an incredible springboard towards real growth when you face them head-on. You have an incredible inner strength. And the ability to overcome anything.

My way of working, talking to you, listening to you will always be KIND, NEVER HURTING OR MAKING YOU UNCOMFORTABLE. My goal is to see you flourish, to give you strength when you’re feeling down, and to see you leave our sessions with a smile. My perspective on you will always be non-judgmental and compassionate. I’m also here to inspire you, to occasionally share my experience and life journey with you.

I support you by combining personal development coaching, image and body confidence advice, journaling, positive psychology, and movement meditation, among other things.

We can address topics such as:

  • Emotion management
  • Your emotional pattern
  • Family relationships
  • Sexuality
  • Self-confidence
  • Social anxiety
  • Life or career change
Professional Coaching for Cultivating Health and Joy in Life
Wellness Support for Physical and Emotional Well-Being


Before the coaching sessions, I offer you an EXPLORATORY session, which is commitment-free.
This first meeting is done in person. It allows me to listen to you for the first time, understand your intention to start personal development work with me. It will be an opportunity for me to introduce myself and explain the process of the following sessions, the topics offered, and answer your questions about my method.

It’s also a quiet moment where we get to know each other. Coaching is an intimate process, and I value taking this time with you. So that a dialogue is established, a sincerity. Without fear or taboo and always with respect and discretion.

Guiding you is a real joy for me, and I am always very grateful for the trust you place in me. I am obliged to honor this immense privilege. It is therefore my responsibility to guarantee you my seriousness, dedication, and discretion in all circumstances. On your part, this is the moment when you make the conscious decision to change, to transform, to introspect, and I want to know that you are fully committed to this work.
You have my humble thanks for your truth and authenticity.

After this initial meeting, you are free to decide whether to start working with me. I’ll give you time to think and get back to me at your own pace. If it’s clear to you, we can set up the next sessions together.

The WITHCHARLY method lasts from 3 to 6 months.
I see you in one of the 2 Parisian offices. There may be the possibility of conducting certain follow-up sessions via video.

For each session, allow between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes.

Also, consider consulting your health insurance, if applicable, to find out about coverage for alternative and holistic medicine consultations.