Wellness Retreats

Retreats provide the perfect opportunity to relax and focus on one’s health and well-being through various workshops, activities, and delicious meals.


Relaxing Wellness Retreats for a Weekend of Serenity and Relaxation

Wellness Weekend

A well-being break to learn how to take care of oneself, find inner peace, and feel ready to face the week, and much more…

I provide you with tips and tricks for a FeelGood diet, disconnecting from the daily grind and feeling more connected to yourself.

We will practice various relaxation methods, talk about self-care and beauty rituals. We will also address the relationship with oneself in relation to others, the balance between a calm mind and an active body, and how to adopt a self-care routine without feeling guilty.

– Participants: 2 to 7 people
– Duration: 2 days


This workshop is dedicated to your personal development. Your ability to take control of your life and grow.

It’s a dialogue to exchange our ways of perceiving things, what negatively affects us, and what blocks us in our lives. It’s about what makes us grow and sets us free. It’s also a work on your emotions and energy through guided meditations, writing, and other behavioral therapies.

We take the time for a real introspection to come out of it, grown and ready to shine!

– Participants : 2 to 5 people
– Duration: 1 day

Inspiring Retreat for Cultivating Personal Development
Nourishing Retreat for a Healthy and Delicious Diet


Each workshop focuses on a different theme. BETTER DIGESTION, a toned body, MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICES at the restaurant, how to nourish yourself before and after EXERCISE, how to overcome FOOD ANXIETIES, nourishing for BETTER SLEEP…

Deepen your knowledge and learn how to take care of your body through a diet that combines pleasure and health.

– Conference and Q&A: 2 hours followed by a foodie tasting in line with the topic of the day
– Half-day of discussions, theory, and practice, including recipes and a list of tips, followed by a brunch or snack to conclude the workshop together in a joyful and friendly manner.


This well-being retreat offers you the opportunity to find calm and inner peace by combining Yin Yoga, Ayurvedic breathing, meditation, and Mantra.

A moment alone or with others, to get back to the essentials.

– Participants : 2 to 10 people
– Expect around 5 hours

Soothing Retreat to Regain Inner Harmony