Who I Am


Holistic Wellness Coach: Professional Support for Cultivating Daily Wellbeing

Hello ! I’m Charly.

Delighted to welcome you here, where I share a bit more about who I am and what I’m putting in place.

I am a holistic wellness coach, naturopath, Pilates, yoga, and meditation instructor. As an expert in nutrition and Positive Psychology, I also combine pranayama with therapeutic massage and self-massage. My training journey has led me to specialize in eating behaviors, ways to rebalance one’s diet, and ‘Intuitive Eating.’ Additionally, I am an image consultant, specializing in body and speech confidence.

Harmony, inner peace, and a healthy life have been a quest for millennia. I’ve had the privilege of traveling the world to study, become acquainted with, and practice these ancient methods of holistic medicine. This journey has required time and patience, especially considering that my path hasn’t been so conventional.

I began my career in dance, theater, and musicals, and I lived in New York City for a long time. It was during this period that I became interested in coaching. I was doing a lot of auditions and working as a personal shopper at a large Manhattan department store, and I became an image consultant. I trained in various techniques and started coaching fellow actors to help them manage their stress during auditions and on stage. Later on, I worked with individuals in more corporate settings who wanted to become more confident when speaking in public. I became increasingly interested in well-being, nutrition, relaxation techniques, and natural medicine. Sustainable healing and psycho-emotional balance fascinated me. So, I put my career on hold and set out to learn. I traveled to Japan, Australia, Italy, India, and Thailand.

I enrolled in renowned schools and centers such as SIVANANDA YOGA in India, VIKASA in Thailand, and Integrative Wellness online, where I gained extensive knowledge. At Yale University, I pursued coursework in ‘positive psychology‘ and the ‘science of Well-Being.’ Subsequently, at the CHOPRA CENTER, I underwent training to enhance my meditation expertise, along with attending several seminars and conferences on Ayurvedic medicine and life coaching. I became a teacher of HATHA yoga and guided meditation in Thailand. In Tokyo, I discovered herbalism and Do In, learned the art of therapeutic massage in Australia, and became a Nutrition Therapist.

After several years of training and growing increasingly passionate each day, it was now time for me to change my life, return to France, and follow this path.

In Paris, I became a certified Naturopath, specializing in dietary rebalancing. I continued my education regularly through various seminars, courses, and workshops (ISUPNAT, JIVAMUKTI YOGA, BRAL Method), along with extensive research and consultations with healthcare professionals.

After my studies, I needed to solidify my message and find my own style. I wanted to approach health and balance in a way that resonated with me and reflected my personality. I developed my own method, blending spirituality, science, Ayurveda, coaching, and fitness. It’s my playground, my way of expressing myself, sharing, and doing good. It’s important for me to adapt to each individual while remaining authentic and true to my convictions.

Balancing well-being with a busy daily life can often be challenging. I aim to make these techniques compatible with our urban lifestyles. I offer coaching without mandates. I encourage you to make simple but sustainable choices, and I guide you towards a transformation that aligns with your lifestyle and personality. It’s a new philosophy of life rather than a ‘quick fix.’

To provide you with the most effective assistance, I continue to undergo continuous training in the fields of personal development, fitness training, herbalism, and the correlation between our gut flora and our brain. My desire is to constantly learn in order to better understand the human being as a whole: their history, physiology, habits, and challenges.
My goal is to impart a simple approach for you to live in full harmony with nature, others, and yourself.

I pay great attention to who is in front of me. The time we spend together is your choice, and a decision never taken lightly.
You entrust me with a part of yourself. It goes without saying that I share a part of myself with you.

Wellness Support for Overall Health and Joyful Living


I had to make the choice to change, to confront my fears and physical and emotional traumas with courage and determination. I know what it’s like to feel trapped, to lose oneself. I, too, had to seek help and relearn how to cultivate self-compassion.
I regained my health and found the peace and inner calm I so desperately needed. Subsequently, it became clear to me. It became imperative for me to offer help, to guide, and to participate in the healing process.


It took me almost 15 years to be here today, freer than ever. Confident and serene, my mission now is to share my passion and my message. To give you all my tenderness and to use my skills to guide you towards the peace you seek. I want to show you that, even starting from a very difficult place, you can rediscover a gentleness in life and take control of your life again.

From my own story, I’ve drawn many lessons. It now gives me the opportunity to dedicate myself to you and your story.